Do you cheer up from a great book, a pleasant conversation, unexpected encounters, or just watching the sea on your own? Then come to our Kaffee+! Daily newspapers and magazines, a wide range of regional beers, fizzy drinks and organic juice, fresh mint tea and super-espresso are waiting for you to arrive. And all of that with a sea view!

Het kaffee+ is open on (each time from 14 o’clock):
December: sa 14, sa 21
January: sa 11, su 19 (11u – 14u), sa 25, su 26
February: sa 1, su 2 (Knitting club party!), su 9, sa 15, sa 22
March: sa 1, su 2 (11u – 14u), sa 8, su 9 (vanaf 11u), sa 15, sa 22, sa 29