Freestate#Private Shelter

A circuit featuring sculptures, installations, paintings, videos, mixed media, sound art and photography, exhibited in bunkers and a network of corridors. Once upon a time this was a place where soldiers were confronted with the enemy. Today, visitors find themselves surrounded by this architecture, which creates a sense of protection and danger at the same time. A number of artists will present their new works at this site. The exhibition will be supplemented with works from foreign collections, bringing visitors to the here and now at this historical site. ‘Dark Sense’ is a side project consisting of artistic-scientific experiments involving ‘sensory deprivation’.

Private sessions
Musicians, writers, performers and scientists will occupy the site, on Sunday 2 and Tuesday 11 November as well as during the closing weekend. They will tell their story in a concert, a story walk, a confrontational act, an experiment with fire or lectures in the science café.
Admission is free after booking via (and upon purchase of a ticket on site).